The different ways we evaluate people vary from person to person

The different ways we evaluate people vary from person to person

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The different ways we evaluate people vary from person to person. This evaluation is based on things like appearance, body language, the way they present themselves verbally, and even social and professional status. Once we have placed this person into the proper schema, we form an opinion of this person. Most often, this opinion is stereotypical, based on first impressions. We fail to realize that sometimes we make assumptions about a person that may not be true. We may evaluate someone we meet for the first time who might be somewhat withdrawn due to things going on in their lives. This does not mean our first impression of them is always correct. These factors help us decide our expectations. For example, if my first impression of someone reveals they are an accountant, and present themselves professionally, I would be able to trust them more than a used car salesman. We adjust our expectations to what we believe this person feels is acceptable of themselves. Our minds believe this person has gone the extra mile to
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Unformatted text preview: further their education, and they have some semblance of higher expectation. Therefore, our expectations of an educated individual might be somewhat higher than it would be for those who are employed in a factory, assembling car parts. The disadvantages of these expectations are that we will find, many time we will be let down. Sometimes we expect more than that person may be willing to give. Everyone has a limit, especially regarding those who are not close friends or family. The things we expect from others can be unrealistic at times, leaving us more prone to disappointment. Many people place boundaries when deciding what is fair to give other, trying to meet expectations. Expecting things from others would be much easier if we all had the same upbringing, the same personality, and the same expectations from each other. We are all very different, very individual, and our needs and expectations vary from person to person....
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