Poor pup02.14.12 Draft2

Poor pup02.14.12 Draft2 - Poor pup By: Catherine Pankov...

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Poor pup By: Catherine Pankov Professor: Guy Peartree Date: 02/16/2012 This was that lonely time of my life and the time when realized I really wanted or even needed a pet. Some people grow up having their favorite Lab since they were babies, some get lonely and get a pet. No matter if it is a cat or a dog, it is an addition to a family. I grew up in a house hold that did not have much time to take care of the pet. This has changed once I got older and had my own house. Pets especially out of shelters that need someone to love them and take care of them, to give them another chance can change your life for the better, aside the problems and destroyed property that comes with it. I had the extra space for one poor pup in my heart and my home. One day I woke up and realized that what I am missing is probably sitting in a high kill shelter waiting to be putdown. My morning that day started off as any regular day with a big cup of coffee and a cigarette. I curled up on my couch with my coffee and a cigarette and stared at the blue screen of my laptop. While it was loading I set there thinking and hoping that I will find some little cute puppy under 10 lbs and hopefully one day take it home. To my surprise that was not the case. I went to web site my friend told me about few month back and typed in my zip code. The first thing I saw was two adorable mixed pit-bull brothers with a kill date- today. Both were strays that were abandoned in a bad snow storm few weeks back on one of the busiest streets in Brooklyn. They were hiding and living under the big trash can and only god knows for how long with the temperatures dropping to lower teens at night. Both were very sick and extremely malnourished. I looked up the shelters phone number and started calling hoping that they are still alive. The lines were busy. I stopped calling. Still in my pajamas and sleepers I jumped in my car and drove
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to that shelter ignoring the stop signs. I felt that it took hours for me to get there and in 10 minutes I was standing by the shelter's doors. I ran as fast as I could knowing that this shelter is the worst of them all. This shelter had a
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Poor pup02.14.12 Draft2 - Poor pup By: Catherine Pankov...

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