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Nike Ad- Celebrity Campaign – execution brought drama, narrative, CLIO are like the academy awards of advertising Communications Model: has 5 elements, Source is media, Message comes from source matching the source with the message, then there Is a message itself and a source itself and the message u have to encode it, your source can be a celebrity, medium is choosing internet, or tv or what kind of media u are going to use, cognitive message its going to be print, receiver is target market,
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Unformatted text preview: feedback is sale or positive attitude Celebritys have Q ratings, High in social risk If ur product has an actual point of difference, if its high in social risk then your most likely to pull out these celebritys The source u want to be relevant The Message Slide Counterfeit ad shows point of difference Vivid increases cognitive resources Repetition creates U have to watch out for ware out If u refute it...
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