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oral history project(Good)

oral history project(Good) - Davila 1 Elisiel Davila...

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Davila 1 Elisiel Davila Professor Garcia Chicano Studies 26 November 2009 Oral History Project -Introduction Today many Chicanos do not graduate high school, and as a result they fail to continue onto college . Statistics show that only 20% of Mexican Americans, age of 18-24, go to college . My interviewee, Gabriela Davila, is one of those in that 20% category and that is why I chose her to interview . Gabriela Davila is my older sister who, now, is in her second year at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire . The first time she saw the letter of acceptance from Dartmouth College in 2007, she was very excited that she got into one of the world’s toughest schools, which is ranked as the fifteenth "toughest to get into" school by “The Princeton Review . ” She was ever so proud and grateful, and up to this day can easily recall that feeling . She is now majoring in Environmental Science and attempting to make our family proud because she soon will become a Chicano to graduate from college, which will effectively place her in the positive side of the statistics that shows that only 1 out of 100 of Chicanos graduate . -Before Gabriela Davila There were always six people living inside our house, which was my father, my mother, my oldest sister, my younger brother, my youngest sister, and I . My mother and father were born in Mexico in a little village called “El Carizal” . It is a very small village and rarely known and the funny thing is that they didn’t know each other until they migrated to the United States to look for a job . In 1980, my mother got to the United States by walking all the way from her
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Davila 2 village and the use of a coyote to guide her along the way in the dangerous desert . Once she got to the United States, she went straight to Los Angeles and settled right in . The same goes for my father, but the only difference between them is that on my father’s first attempt to get to the United States, it was a failure because he was caught . They returned him to Mexico, but he was determined and went for a second attempt and succeeded in crossing the deadly desert in 1976 . He went to the city of Los Angeles to also look for a job, and that was when my mother and father met and got to know each other . From there on my mother and father were inseparable . They would always go out all the time, whether it was to the movies or a walk around the park, they would always be together and soon would love one another . In order for them to go out as a couple, they must have had money and surprisingly they did . How? They were able to find a job that was willing to hire them for labor work . My mother got hired as a seamstress that paid her a very low wage, but that was all she could have accepted for the moment because there were no other jobs that would hire her .
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oral history project(Good) - Davila 1 Elisiel Davila...

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