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Lecture Notes – Elements of Moral Philosophy Ch 4 – Does Morality Depend on Religion? I. Discussion a. Are morality and religion separate? b. Are they the same? c. How can they be different? d. Should they be different or the same II. Lecture- EMP - Ch 4- Does Morality depend on Religion? a. 4.1-Presumed Connection between Morality and Religion i. Panel of ethical issues 1. Representations of different religions 2. 9/10 believe in a personal God ii. Why are clergy viewed in such a manner? iii. Because morality and Religion seem to be inseparable. iv. Universe seems cold and meaningless without value or purpose. 1. Bertrand Russell- v. Perspective from a religious standpoint. 1. Judeo-Christian beliefs- teach that the world was created by a loving, all-powerful God and we were created in his image 2. World has purpose after all.- world is areas where God’s purposes are fulfilled. a. Is morality a religious view? Is it that the atheists world has no place for values? b. 4.2 Divine Command Theory i. Western theory- God is lawgiver- given us rules to obey- though he does not force us to obey them. 1. We are free agents. What does this mean? ii. Free will- we can accept or reject but however we must accept consequences either way. (Pg 50 comment) 1. Thus born Divine Command Theory- nature of right or wrong.- What God says as morally right or what is morally wrong. iii. Good things about it 1. Solves problem of objectivity in ethics.- ethics is not a personal feeling- objective based on God. 2. Answers question as to why we should bother with morality.- because on the day or judgment you will be help accountable. iv. Bad things about it. 1. Atheists don’t believe and what standard do they follow. 2. Problem Plato brought up-in Euthyphro a. How define right- what dear to gods or dear to gods cuz its right?
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i. If we do what God says cuz he commands it- follow bible etc.-this says God is arbitrary- God could have given different commandments Problems might be: b. Could be all liars and then this is the standard.
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