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Lecture Notes – Elements of Moral Philosophy Ch 5 – Ethical Egoism I. Lecture – Ethical Egoism a. 5.1- Duty to help starving people? What do you think? Yes or no? i. 15,000 children die each day. ii. People in rich countries spend money on ourselves. 2600 calories for a male/ 1800 for a female- half that for starving people. Our country never goes hungry. Yet millions die from starvation each year. 1. Why do we allow people to starve? Is it our fault? Do we have a duty to save them? Why or why not? iii. What about when there is a crisis? What is our duty? What should we do? Katrina in the fall- what should have been done? Discussion 1. Bring up idea – that we have natural duties to others- simply because they are people who could be helped or harmed by what we do. a. Do you have a natural duty to be nice to your family? b. Do you have a natural duty to be honest with your friends? c. Do you have a natural duty to obey the law? 2. Ethical egoism says- each person ought to pursue his or her own self-interest exclusively.- this is a theory about how we ought to behave. – regardless of how we do actually behave. (pg 69) b. 5.2 Psychological egoism i. Difference- 1. ethical egoism states we ought to pursue what is in our own self interest exclusively 2. Psychological egoism – states that each person does in fact puruse his or her own interests. a. Two different things to say people are this way and people ought to act this way. b. Psychological egoism is a claim about psychology i. If we are motivated by our own welfare- then why should we even talk about what we ought to do? What does it matter? ii. 1 st point - Is Altruism possible? 1. Story of Wallenberg-story of the jews a. Morality demands unselfishness to a certain degree b. Why do we do favors for people? c.
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09.EMP.notes.chp5.EthicEgoism - Lecture Notes Elements of...

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