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COM 114 Outline Rubric A “C” outline meets the minimum standards for the assignment and ALL of following: Includes specific purpose Includes a thesis Is written in complete sentences Has a consistent pattern of indentation and appropriate symbolization Includes transitions between intro, body, conclusion and all main points Contains all elements of an introduction (attention getter, thesis, credibility, and relevance) Contains a body with at least two distinct main points along with supporting material Contains all elements of a conclusion (thesis review, clincher) Includes a reference page that is written in APA with few errors The reference page contains the minimum number of sources for the assignment The outline has few writing/grammatical errors Most of the outline is in your own words (i.e. limit your use of quotations) A “B” Outline meets all the criteria for a “C” outline and: Demonstrates effective subordination (i.e. main points are appropriately supported)
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COM%20114%20Outline%20Rubric%20SP12 - COM 114 Outline...

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