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Borderless Society - as major fruit suppliers to grocers...

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Running head: BORDERLSS SOCIETY 1 Borderless Society Jane Doe SC300-07 February 14, 2000 Borderless Society As late as the 1980s, nearly eighty percent of the food the country consumed was US made, but over the last thirty years that number has dropped by fifteen percent. Regrettably, much of what is still "homegrown," consists of processed foods (Manning, 2009). What about fresh fruits and vegetables? More than four billion dollars is spent annually to import produce and fruits from Mexico and Canada alone. In addition, Africa, South America, and Australia act
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Unformatted text preview: as major fruit suppliers to grocers across the country. Overall, from 1990 to 2006, United States imports of foreign produce and fruits jumped from 2.7 billion dollars to 7.9 billion dollars (U.S.D.A., 2007). The task at hand is to name all the components of two meals eaten this week and examine their origins. To begin this process, first, the items have to be listed. I chose to consume two "unusual" meals over the weekend to learn more about what I was actually eating. BORDERLESS SOCIETY 2...
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