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1. What, historically, have been Apple's competitive advantages? Jobs viewed Apple’s control of both hardware and software, one of the very few remaining in the PC industry, as a unique strength. Apple subsequently revamped its product line to offer machines that could deliver a cutting-edge, tightly integrated user experience. Although the company remained committed to the education market, new PC products focused on home consumers’ lifestyle. Thanks to several technological innovations and a new retail strategy. 2. Use Porter's Five Forces to examine Apple. Existing- Windows (Computers/media player), Lunix (Mac OS X), Hardware- Dell, HP, MP3 Players- Samsung, SONY, Music Stores- Pirate Bay, Microsoft Music, Amazon Music New Entrants- Audio and Video streaming, on demand online services, the “Next Google” Suppliers- Computers/Processors- Motorola, IBM, Intel, TV & Movies- Disney, Sony, Fox, Music- BMG, Sony, Warner, Universal Customers- Peer to Peer sharing, retailers with lower prices, fear of economic downturns
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