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Jordan Herzig Openshaw FDREL 200 TR 11:30 – 12:30 Capstone Summary For my capstone project I decided to take on the project of “Speaking the Love Language of your spouse.” To accomplish this I spoke with my fiancé for an hour for the past six weeks about the things she likes and dislikes, and about the things that helps her to feel appreciated. One major thing I found through this exercise is the power of the word “Thank You”. Whenever she does something I ask her to or does something that is just nice for me she feels appreciated when I thank her for it. This helps her feel loved and for me I realized she is doing things for me to show her love for me and I return that love by appreciating the work she is doing. Another interesting thing I found was how for me actions speak louder than words and for her words speak louder than actions. For me showing my love for her is
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Unformatted text preview: giving her small kisses or by surprising her with small presents. For her showing love is asking her about her day, or sending cute texts to her throughout the day telling her I’m thinking about her. To find a middle ground in this situation we have talked about how we both show love to one another in these aspects. It has helped us to realize we both show love in different ways and that we need to realize when the other person is showing love and respond to that so they feel loved back. While we found many things that apply to “Speaking the Love Language of your spouse”, these two things really stood out and have helped us in our relationship significantly. We spend a lot more time now talking about what makes us feel loved....
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