lincoln and drums taps - Readings in American Life...

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Readings in American Life Christian Yimgnia Drums Taps Drums Taps is one of Whitman’s great collections of poetry. He starts by reaching out to the city for being the first ones to arms when the duties of war called. He shows in the beginning of the poem that he stands for his nation, even during crisis, he will support them. He also admires others who are already marching into battle. There is a part where he says “beat, beat, drums” which is pretty much the title of the text. He is just calling on the sounds of drum s to wake up the population and that everyone should hear that sound and understand that there is some kind of sense of urgency. The author wrote this text in an era of civil war. He is trying to explain the meaning of this war and how it has changed the promise of America. He pointed out the injustice, especially in the form of southern slavery, which meant that all persons were not able to experience true forms of individuality that made a collective freedom a reality. Whitman provides horrible scenes of war
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lincoln and drums taps - Readings in American Life...

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