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Globalizing A Website - Languages In order to have a...

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Languages In order to have a successful well rounded website that appeals to everyone. It must be understandable by other people meaning that we must incorporate a translation feature. The downside to including this feature is that no matter what it will only translate the essential like the index or home page. Once you have included this the feature has to be kept running efficiently, also you must keep the email feature running properly. This kind of problem can’t just be fix quickly. Different languages are more difficult to translate than others. As the languages are translated from English to another language such as Japanese it can get more complex and time consuming. However, we have to consider the kinds of culture and how the benefit us. (Campigotto,2004) How to Globalize your Website When you are getting close to publishing the site you must also take into consideration the fact that we must perform a kind of coding or task to get the site so it can work on languages, money value, and anything else that the country might need. “You will also need to perform a localization of your website, which is the process of reworking
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Globalizing A Website - Languages In order to have a...

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