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Middle East Technical University Department of Chemical Engineering Feb.17, 2011 ChE 222 – Fluid Mechanics HOMEWORK I Due Feb.24, 2011 Question 1: What is the reason for the enormous amount of heat production when the space shuttle enters the earth atmosphere at a high speed? Question 2: Identify the forces acting on a boat moving on the sea. Question 3: Antoine Lavoisier (1742-1794) was a French chemist who is called “father of modern chemistry” because he made many discoveries by interpreting the experiments he performed. He is the author of the celebrated book Traite élémentaire de Chimie, by which he explored the conservation of mass in chemical reactions. In one of his experiments, he fed 1 kg of saturated steam through an iron pipe which was heated to about 400 o C and condensed all the steam coming out of the pipe very carefully and to his amazement when he weighed the condensate, he found out that it weighed less than 1 kg. He also noticed that in addition to condensed water there was a volume of a non-condensable gas A, which weighed exactly 4 g.
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