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MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Ch.E. 204- Thermodynamics I (Section 04) Dr. N. Sezgi, Ö. Mercan PROBLEM SET I (Date Due: March 11, 2011) Problem 1. A new absolute temperature scale is proposed. On this scale the ice point of water is 150 0 S and the steam point is 300 0 S. Determine the temperatures in 0 C that correspond to 100 0 S and 400 0 S, respectively. What is the ratio of the size of the 0 S to the Kelvin? Problem 2. Why does a bicyclist pick up speed on a downhill road even when he is not pedaling? Does this violate the conservation of energy principle? Problem 3. An apple “weighs” 80 g and has a volume of 100 cm 3 in a refrigerator at 8 0 C. What is the apple density? List three intensive and two extensive properties of the apple. Problem 4. Over a limited temperature range, the relation between electrical resistance R and temperature T for a resistance temperature detector is R=R 0 [1+ α (T- T o )] where R 0 is the resistance, in ohms, measured at reference temperature T o (in 0 F) and α is a material constant with units of ( 0 F) -1 . The following data are obtained for a particular resistance thermometer: T ( 0 F) R ( ) Test 1 32 51.39 Test 2 196 51.72 What temperature would correspond to a resistance of 51.47 on this thermometer?
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