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MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Ch.E. 204- Thermodynamics I (Section 04) Dr. N. Sezgi, Ö. Mercan PROBLEM SET III (Date Due: March 25, 2010) Problem 1 : A rigid tank of volume 0.5 m 3 is connected to a piston- cylinder assembly by a valve, as shown below. Both vessels contain pure water. They are immersed in a constant-temperature bath at 200°C and 600 kPa. Consider the tank and the piston-cylinder assembly as the system and the constant-temperature bath as the surroundings. Initially the valve is closed and both units are in equilibrium with the surroundings (the bath). The rigid tank contains saturated water with a quality of 95% (i.e., 95% of the mass of water is vapor). The piston-cylinder assembly initially has a volume of 0.1 m 3 . The valve is then opened. The water flows into the piston-cylinder until equilibrium is obtained. For this process, determine the work done, W, by the piston; the change in internal energy, U, of the system; and the heat transferred, Q. Problem 2:
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