policies - CHE 320 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Spring 2012 1....

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1 CHE 320 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Spring 2012 1. Structure of groups and laboratory schedule a. Students work in groups of three members. Each group will perform ten experiments. b. Students may form their own groups until the deadline for group forming. After the deadline course coordinator organizes groups for students who are not a member of a group. c. Each group member will assume the leadership of the group for an experiment. The leader will be responsible for coordinating the work and making sure everyone in the group understands all the concepts and discussions in the reports before they are handed in. d. Students should see the instructor before each experiment. e. Laboratory work starts at 13:40. Students must be in the laboratory on time. f. Each student must know and follow the laboratory rules and basic safety precautions. 2. Web site You can find all course material at the web site of the course: You are urged to visit the site on a regular basis to get recent announcements. The web site is organized as public domain and student domain for which a password is required. 3. Grading a. Grading based on the performance: 25% This grade will be influenced by i. In advance preparation, understanding of experiments and lab. notebook ii. Oral and/or written quizzes that will be given before each experiment iii. Participation in the performing the experiments iv. Awareness of safety precautions, general orderliness and housekeeping
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policies - CHE 320 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Spring 2012 1....

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