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1. Imagine that you are charged with designing a successor to the  Wii. Briefly describe the new-product strategy you might use. I would use a simulation of the same strategy by using durable less expensive product so the product produced can bring in revenue instead of paying of the debt to make the system. However, the Wii brought in activity into family lives. I would try to make it to where the console is more versatile and can be easily transported by making it almost cordless, except for the power cord, and introducing a battery pack so you could travel with it and not have to worry about a electrical plug in to play. I would also try to make the successor have more options such as links to school sites and even movies and books. This can make the successor not only an active protégé compared to the Wii, but student friendly. I think that would appeal most to America today since so many people are going to school. 2. How might the diffusion process differ between the Wii and its 
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week 4 -...

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