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buying power - Visitwww.teenresearch.com. ,,and...

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Visit www.teenresearch.com. What research can this company offer about  the size and growth of the teen market, buying power of teenagers, and  their buying habits? Why might these statistics be important to a company  targeting teenagers in terms of marketing communications and promotion  strategy? TRU is said in their overview on their web page to be the “global leader in youth research and insights,” (About Tru , teenresearch.com/about.cfm?page_id=41 , 2012). They cover 5 continents and 40 different markets. Their goal purpose is to provide information on teenagers all the way until the age range of the twenties to markets and businesses worldwide so that people can create new and better products to sell to teenagers. The buying power is increased when TRU expands their research in teenagers today versus teenagers five years ago. So many things happen between generations that everyday there is a new trend that people will follow compared to yesterday. This is why
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