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discussion week 2

discussion week 2 - I believe the website is confusing...

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Describe the level of involvement and the involvement factors likely to be  associated with buying a new computer. Do you think Apple’s Web site at  www.apple.com simplifies or complicates the process for the average  consumer? Explain. Buying a new computer is difficult for people who have never really bought one before. There are so many different brands out there that state they are the best. The only way to really know what is better is if one is a computer genius. When I deployed to Afghanistan I had a Dell. I only needed it to email, and do homework. It did those two things perfectly. It was slow, because it was old and the keys were wearing out. Nathan, my other half told me I should buy a MacBook Pro. He has one and loves it. So last year when I did taxes and got my refund I got on apple.com and looked at the refurbished computers.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe the website is confusing. There are so many different links to so many different things, and when looking for computers you never know if you are looking at refurbished or brand new. For the average customer, the website is confusing, though after learning how to navigate it, it gets more simple. Involvement factors in buying a new computer would be, how much one wants to spend, what would the computer be used for, and how much space of memory is needed. I have a 17” MacBook Pro, and I love it. The only thing I really use it for though is homework and email. However, if I get crazy one day and want to watch a movie on it, I can. It may be over kill but it is durable, has stood up to a 160-pound dog sitting on it, and is very fast compared to Dell. I also enjoy that it comes with everything and updates itself for free unlike Windows programming....
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