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COCA-COLA On the Coca-Cola website they have different other sites featured such as Twitter, and Facebook. They are also taking advantage of the need to save money by showing different rewards you can get by buying a cola. On the video that is posted, a kind of suspense it built because the people in the video are trying to find out what they will find in the randomly placed Coca-Cola figures. This is making a social perspective out of the Coca-Cola Company as well as holding onto the forever-treasured polar bears that they exhibit every year during the winter and during the holiday season. People almost wait for the classic commercials that have been played since I was a child. They have also posted the recipe for the original Coke product recipe however revamped. It is a website that is appealing to consumers. It uses the sites we use daily and shows nutritional facts, which is an important thing in todays health world. PEPSI
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