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Advantages 1. Who has an absolute advantage in cleaning the most bathrooms and floors in the least amount of time? In an hours time Linda can clean 3 bathrooms out of 4, or wash 7 floors. If they only have an hour, Linda would be more advantageous by cleaning the 3 bathrooms, which leaves Mike only 1 bathroom to clean. If he only cleans one bathroom he can respectively clean the majority of the floors. I believe that Mike would have the utmost advantage over Linda, because she has to hard duty of the bathrooms. In a bathroom duty, you must clean the shower/bathtub, the sink, the toilet, and the floors, and possibly the mirror. By doing this three times, she is wasting more time, when Mike can do that once. This leaves Mike free to do the easy job of sweeping and mopping the floors, which may take about five to ten minutes depending on the size of the room. 2. On the basis of comparative advantage, who has a comparative advantage in cleaning bathrooms in the least amount of time, and who has a comparative
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