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Baley N. Bodden Professor Craig Armstrong MGT486 Take Home Exam December 4, 2011 Consulting Engagement for Momentex LLC: Gulp and Go Potential Issues There is definitely a potential problem with inefficiency. The amount of time it could potentially take to stop, choose, pay for, and receive the beverage at the toll booth might not be as quick as the developers anticipate. It probably only takes a couple of seconds to go through a toll road normally, and this will definitely change that. If an indecisive person gets up to the booth and doesn’t know what they want, it would back up traffic substantially. They have worked out the potential traffic problem with a Gulp and Go separate line, but this may still cause traffic issues. There are also potentially multiple barriers to entry. There are probably nearby competitors such as gas stations or convenience stores near the toll booths. Even if these nearby stores are considered competitors, Gulp and Go might still have the competitive advantage. Since Gulp and Go is more convenient for those in hurry and not wanting to stop, people might like the idea of getting from point A to point B without being interrupted. There might be other types of barriers. Toll Roads are government owned roads so there is probably a substantial amount of governmental bureaucratic paper work to be done to have a business within a toll road. All beverage companies such as Coke, Pepsi, ect. are always trying to find new ways to sell their products. I feel like this would be a new, fresh way for them to sell their
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products while forming an alliance with Gulp and Go. Gulp and Go can purchase their
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SBCTakeHomeExam - Baley N Bodden Professor Craig Armstrong...

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