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anth 2203 f11 syllabus - ANTH 2203 Section 002PEOPLES OF...

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1 ANTH 2203 Section 002—PEOPLES OF THE WORLD Fall 2011 University of Oklahoma Department of Anthropology Physical Sciences Center 108 Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 PM-1:15 PM Professor : Dr. Kristin Dowell Office: Cate Center 4, Room 401 Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00-4:00 PM, Wednesday 10:00-11:30 AM or by appointment Office Phone : 325-5411 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Elisha Oliver Office: Dale Hall 210 Office Hours: Wednesday 12:00-2:30 PM or by appointment Email: [email protected] Course Description: This course is an introduction to global diversity through the discipline of cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropology offers a way of understanding both the commonalities across societies as well as the diversity of human societies and cultures. It offers tools for understanding the distinctive ways in which people make sense of their world while framing our own world in a new perspective. Although it is impossible to cover the global scope of cultural diversity in one semester, through readings, lectures, class discussions, and films we will explore the tremendous variety in worldviews, cultural traditions, and social organization among peoples and cultures in various geographic regions. This course introduces key concepts including kinship, gender, culture, religion, race, consumption, nationalism, and globalization and provides an opportunity to learn more about these concepts in a variety of social and cultural contexts within and outside the U.S. Course Objectives This course fulfills a general education requirement. Upon successful completion of the course, students will understand key concepts relevant to cultural anthropology. understand major theoretical contributions of anthropology. recognize and understand general patterns in social organization. have an increased appreciation and respect for the value of cultural diversity. Course Policies I reserve the right to make changes to the course and syllabus, as I deem necessary. Attendance/Participation: Your success in this course is dependent upon your attendance and participation in class. It is your responsibility to arrive to class on time having completed the assigned readings and prepared to discuss those readings in class. I will not be taking attendance but I do expect students to attend class regularly. Participation includes contributing to class discussion and may include in-class writing responses. Students who miss class are responsible for obtaining class notes from another
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2 student and should attend office hours to review missed material. You should refer to the D2L course site to obtain any handouts you may have missed during your absence. If you miss an exam due to illness you must notify me by email or a message left on my office phone within 24 hours of the exam. You will need to provide a written doctor’s note if you miss an exam due to illness.
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