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Order Terms Definitions 1 central banks government banks that regulateand manage money supply 2 Commercial bank most common form of government-backed corporate bank 3 Depositors people who put money into the bank 4 depository intermediary holds funds for the public and uses the funds to finance their business 5 deregulation The loosening of government control 6 financial intermediary the functions of the bank as the institution that safeguards, transfers. exchanges, and loans money 7 liability to banks, deposits represent this type of obligation 8 liquid asset anything of value that can be readily exchanged 9 medium of exchange an agreed-upon system for
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Unformatted text preview: measuring value of goods and services 10 niche market a targeted smaller group of customers 11 non-depository intermediary a private company that does not receive deposits but sells financial services 12 profit revenue minus cost 13 retail bank institution developed to help individuals who are not served by commercial banks 14 spread the difference between interest paid and interest received 15 line position one in which the individuals responsibilities include those that are directly involved with the purpose of the organization 16 staff position a position that supports the line position...
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