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BRIEF_2 ngọc - Price without tax...

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TOPIC: OPENING A CROSS STITCH SHOP BRIEF 2: TAXATION AND LABOURING ISSUES 1. The taxes that our business has to pay: - The license tax when we first establish our business: 600,000 VND - He business income tax: 25% profit (monthly) - VAT when we buy supplies from other sources: 10% (on bill) - Payroll tax (25%): 19% on employer: 15% social security, 2% health insurance, 2 % union fee 6 % on employees: 5% social security, 1% health insurance 2. Customers have to pay : VAT 10% 3. Laboring issues Tax Price buyers pay
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Unformatted text preview: Price without tax Price sellers receive Burden of tax on buyers Burden of tax on sellers Demand Supply Equilibrium Price of product Quantity of product Employees • Sex: female • Criteria: appearance, knowledge • Ethic: honest, active, enthusiastic, patient • Qualification: Graduated from at least high school • Time: sign a long-term contract (minimum 3 months) Time frame for working • 1 st shift: 8 am – 3pm • 2 nd shift: 3 pm – 10 pm • 2 days off/month...
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BRIEF_2 ngọc - Price without tax...

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