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Down with Tyranny Political Thinking Sunday, October 16, 2011 Natalie C. Ringer Rasmussen College
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Down with Tyranny 2 “A tyrant is one who pursues his or her own private interest and seeks to impose those interests by force.” (Deutsch, pp.131 The word tyranny can be defined in many ways but the end result always ends up the same in my thinking that someone is ruling in a way that others deem to be incorrect, evil, or harmful to the people they are ruling over and that ideas and thoughts are forced into their minds to make them do things that may not be in their best interests. “Following Plato, Augustine maintained that the tyrannical and philosophical souls are not distinguished in terms of their intellectual capacities – both may be highly intelligent. Rather, the tyrant and philosopher are distinguished primarily in terms of the character and orientation of their love. The tyrant loves himself; the philosopher loves wisdom” (Deutsch, pp.80) St. Augustine seemed to care about people, not just some, all
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NRinger_DownwithTyranny_10162011 - Down with Tyranny...

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