NRinger_Week 08 Environmental Controversy - Energy_05302010

NRinger_Week 08 Environmental Controversy - Energy_05302010...

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Energy - Fuel Efficiency Everyone wants a vehicle that is big enough to carry around all the things we need to move from one location to another but, one that doesn’t guzzle gas a gallon at a time. It seems like it is hard to find this miracle vehicle without purchasing some type of hybrid and even then the vehicle may not meet all the needs desired by the consumer. Hybrid vehicles are not cheap, so of course, you are also sacrificing a lot of money to find out this may not have been the thing you really wanted. I happen to have a larger vehicle and actually downgraded from a large SUV, but depending on the person driving the vehicle anyone can make any vehicle more fuel efficient. I am not the kind of person that just drives around aimlessly and I need a larger vehicle for my family to make sure that we can get from point a to point b. Unfortunately, no matter how aware we are and how much we try to save the planet by being more fuel efficient there is one con that battles us daily. The automakers and their greed to get the most out of the least amount are the true enemies in this battle to save on fuel and energy. Automakers have always had the ability to make a more economical, efficient car
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NRinger_Week 08 Environmental Controversy - Energy_05302010...

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