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NRinger_Week 06 Environmental Controversy_05142010 - Week...

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Week 06 Environmental Controversy Kyoto Protocol The Kyoto protocol agreement is set to help reduce creation of greenhouse gases. I believe that the United States should definitely join into the agreement with the other countries to protect the inhabitants of the Earth. The Argument seemed like a good one for me when I read the following statement, “The Kyoto Protocol is generally seen as an important first step towards a truly global emission reduction regime that will stabilize GHG emissions, and provides the essential architecture for any future international agreement on climate change.” (UN FCC, 2010) The environment that we have is very susceptible to harm and any time that gases are released like these into the atmosphere it is one day closer to ending the life forces that are left on this planet. I believe that the planet is already hotter than ever before and that is something that leads me to believe that we really need some type of task force that can help us eliminate some of the major problems we have started and attempt to turn them around. When this was brought up in a U.N conference no one thought that the Kyoto
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NRinger_Week 06 Environmental Controversy_05142010 - Week...

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