NRinger_Environmental Issue Project - Topic Selection_05012010

NRinger_Environmental Issue Project - Topic Selection_05012010

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Environmental Issue Project - Topic Selection The topic I would like to address in this project is something that has sparked a major interest for me since the accident that occurred last week. I would like to address oil spills and how they affect the water and land that they pollute when a spill or a leak occurs. The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico that is now creeping dangerously toward the shore and is a developing issue that I believe can be researched to help expose the causes, cures, and long lasting effects it can cause. In a catastrophic situation like this
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Unformatted text preview: we must be educated on how to prevent future incidents. The planet is already at risk on a daily basis from many different environment issues that cause creatures and resources to be at risk. I say, why allow something that is completely preventable to ruin the balance that we are trying so to restore on our Earth? I hope that through this project I can find the answer to this question and find out how the people involved can be accountable to help eradicate the issue for the future preservation of our planet....
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