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“To Clone or Not to Clone” The idea of cloning is a frightening situation and I am not at all open to human cloning as I am to something like stem cell research or other controversial topics. I do not believe that the United States or any country for that matter should be allowed to clone humans, just to be “able” to clone them. There may be interesting reasons for the United States and other countries to look into something like this but, to proceed in cloning people would be a crime against nature and the normal way of living. When the first ideas of animal cloning came around and the frog was successfully cloned into a tadpole in 1952 the concept of cloning kept getting more and more complex. Through the years they cloned many different animals and with the successful cloning of a mammal, “Dolly the Sheep” the interest appeared to be more focused than ever. Now that the researchers are trying to clone “people”, this is where the real problem begins. Cloning people is morally, ethically, and constitutionally wrong in every way and if this country ever allows such a travesty to occur then we truly are not free. Freedom to
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NRinger_Environmental ControversyWk3Cloning_042510 - To...

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