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Environmental Controversy - Science and Politics Politics is something that does not go well with any subject that does not involve some type of hype factor or deceptive tendency. Politics has ruined the ideas for great things in our country and hope for people who had nothing but hope left on their side. The mingling of politics and science is a very taboo subject yet it happens on a daily basis. Every politician is very careful as to what they say when it comes to science because one wrong word and they will not be re-elected. Although, there have been many great political figures who backed certain scientific studies and took a stand when needed, most politicians run from the subject as fast as they possibly can. Politicians have found that by taking a stand on a particular piece of scientific legislature they can make or break their careers and that is one reason you see this happening more and more lately. Stem cell research was in the news substantially more in the last year than ever before. This was something that politicians used to gain votes, sure it may have cost them a few, but I am sure they gained more than they lost. Al Gore used the environment to boost himself through elections and although it did not allow him to take the highest seat he applied for he was still capable of winning the Noble Peace Prize and if after this happened he would have been able to run for a political seat, he would have won.
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