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NRinger_Environmental Controversy_041010 - Environmental...

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Environmental Controversy - Your Environmental Experience The environment is in a battle to save itself as the humans that occupy the space are trying to destroy it. I can totally admit that I am one of the people who have contributed to making things worse than they were when I was a child. I have used my fair share of hairspray that was always the supposed cause of the decreasing “ozone layer”, I have littered, and I have used my fair share of plastic bottles and forgotten to recycle. I have definitely tried to change my way of thinking over the last few years because I have really noticed the major changes that have been happening in our world. I can remember a place I used to visit with my parents when I lived in Kentucky called Green River. The river wasn’t green and I don’t really remember much about the water or being in it but I do remember how fun this place was and how there was a campground with a picnic area, fishing area, and amphitheatre where we would go to have a great weekend. The adults would swim, fish, and play cards while the children
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NRinger_Environmental Controversy_041010 - Environmental...

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