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WrittenAssignment_PursuitofHappiness_09142011 - Pursuit of...

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Pursuit of Happiness Humanities Rasmussen College Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Natalie C. Ringer “Hedonism is the name given to the philosophy that happiness is equivalent to physical pleasure and to the possession of things that provide us with pleasure.
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Pursuit of Happiness Page 2 Hedonism has survived for thousands of years, substantially unchanged from its inception.” The father of Hedonism was Aristippus of Cyrene. Aristippus taught that pleasure was something that everyone experienced and that the happiness that was generated by the pleasure was different for every person. Aristippus did not mean that the pleasure had to be created from sensuality, but things like mental thoughts, regular love of a person, friendship, and the fact that a person is content was the type of pleasures he referred to. Aristippus’ fundamental view was that people generate pleasure from the things in their life that make them feel that they have succeeded in making other people happy or something that just makes them feel good inside and also
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WrittenAssignment_PursuitofHappiness_09142011 - Pursuit of...

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