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Morality Theory Humanities Rasmussen College Sunday, September 11, 2011 Natalie C. Ringer The idea of the relativist ideology of feminist morality is something that every woman has thought about and if a woman says that she has not then she is either
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Morality Theory Page 2 kidding herself or completely lying about it. Since the times of the bible where Eve was blamed by taking a bite out of the apple women have been treated like second class citizens and women see it but never really can do anything to make the changes that need to happen to make the treatment as fair as it should be. For the last three decades this idea has come to light and people are working as hard as they possibly can to change the views and mindset of people who believe that women are not to be held in the same category with the same esteem as men. Sadly, major changes like this are hard habits to break but, with the new idea of the independent woman things are surely set forth to be on the upswing.
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NRinger_WrittenAssignment_09112011 - Morality Theory...

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