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The Gladiator Humanities Rasmussen College Sunday, September 05, 2011 Natalie C. Ringer In the film The Gladiator , the viewer realizes that even in the face of injustice and adversity the good can triumph over the evil of others. As we walk along on the journey
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The Gladiator Page 2 with Maximus in his search for redemption and revenge against those who wronged him we see how to overcome desperation and deceit from the people who were supposed to be in control of his land. As we approach the end of his path he starts to realize that he is doomed but, he continues to go on and received the outcome and glory that he deserves. When we go into the first scene of the movie and come upon a battleground filled with soldiers in a striking but dimly lit set we find Maximus who leads the Roman army to victory and earns the love, honor, and respect of the Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. When the Emperor decides to give the leadership to Maximus rather than his son Commodus, Marcus is murdered by his corrupt son by smothering his father in a pillow in the dark tent that has been set up for the emperor on the battlegrounds. The dishonorable Commodus then takes over control and wants to have Maximus killed. Maximus’ family is also killed by Commodus the corrupt son which enrages Maximus and he is able to escape from his execution. In Rome, there are people who are loyal to Maximus but the city itself is unfriendly because of the evil intentions of Commodus. Everyone is afraid of the wrath that could fall on them if they defy the emperor but, the people begin to praise Maximus for his heroic actions and this starts to worry the evil emperor. A battle ensues and Maximus comes out victorious over the evil emperor but, in the process Maximus is fatally wounded. In the last scenes of the movie we find Maximus dying and in his mind he is making his way through a golden field and back to
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NRinger_FinalDraft_09052011 - The Gladiator Humanities...

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