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Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe is a film that I would not call historical as it is far from a biographical telling of a real life character. It could be classified as a near perfect meshing of realism and reality and I would compare it to an artist’s rendering of what may have happened. This film did not necessarily lay out facts, dates, and timelines instead it gave you a photographic view of what the life was like back in these times. A man’s priorities were different than they are now and Maximus was a symbol of the greatest men of these times, the ideal man some would say. Russell Crowe portrayed a character that shows the duality of man with his love and loyalty to his wife and son, as well as his strict discipline and pride that was brought to light when displaying his affection and loyalty for Rome, a city he had never seen prior to the story told on the screen. Some of the names reflect real humans that existed in settings and times similar to the movies
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