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Composer Humanities Rasmussen College Sunday, August 14, 2011 Natalie C. Ringer The composer I chose was Ludwig Van Beethoven. Beethoven was born in 1770 in Bohn and lived there with his parents and siblings where he was the oldest. When he
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Composer Page 2 was very young Beethoven started to take a major interest in music and in turn it was discovered that he was extremely talented to the idea that he may even be a child prodigy. In 1778 Beethoven gave his first performance and people were highly impressed with his abilities at such a young age. At 12 Beethoven was publishing his first work and continued on to publish many more through his teenage life. In 1787 Beethoven went to Vienna to teach and learn more about the musical talent that he had expressed through the years from Mozart who was one of the most acclaimed composers of the time. Beethoven was called back to Bohn to help with the care of his siblings after the absence of his father and the death of his mother but, he eventually
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NRinger_Composer_08142011 - Composer Humanities Rasmussen...

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