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Analyzing Art Humanities Rasmussen College Sunday, August 07, 2011 Natalie C. Ringer The piece I chose was the Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grunewald. This alterpiece was painted between 1510 and 1515 and is a medieval oil panel. The piece
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Poet and Critic Page 2 appears quite large and is separated into multiple scenes that all seem to depict the imitation of religious events surrounding the suffering of Christ and leading to his resurrection. The visuals of this piece are very vibrant and the subjects of the painting appear to be very lifelike and shown realism. The distance and proximity of the scenes appear to me that if it were possible that these could have been replications of photographs that were taken during the actual occurrence of each scene. The chiaroscuro shown was more of natural lighting rather than any dark pieces to represent something devious or light representing something ethereal except for the resurrection portion which was made to look angelic and mystifying. I think that the artist intended to make this as a sort of homage to important
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NRinger_AnalyzingArt_08072011 - Analyzing Art Humanities...

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