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Week 03 Case Study - Questions about Sally and Kara 1. Describe Kara's ethical dilemma, providing details of her tension and conflict. 2. What would you do if you were Kara? Explain. 3. What level of moral development are Sally and Kara operating at in this business situation? Explain. In sales you find many different types of personalities and usually the two main differences are the aggressive salesperson and the conservative salesperson. The aggressive sales person likes to lie to you and do whatever it take to make a sale, while the conservative salesperson is the type that will take the buyers best interest to heart and only sell them something they need while disclosing any issues or discrepancies upfront. Kara’s ethical dilemma is that she is very conservative and wants to truly make her clients happy by giving them the best service and providing a product they can truly use or truly need and Sally is the total opposite. The fact that Kara is such a caring person it infuriates her that Sally is such a cutthroat and will do everything she can to get the
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Unformatted text preview: paycheck. Sally is not disclosing information that could come back and cause a return or bad customer feedback which can be bad for the company, or as we all know word of mouth is the best/worst advertisement. Good service or bad service can be reviewed to other potential customers and this is what creates interest or disdain. This is something that inevitably hurts the business and it is Karas responsibility to say something to management about the tactics Sally uses. The moral development Kara is dealing with is what will happen if she takes this situation forward to management and for Sally is whether she will listen to reason and try to change her methods. If the company retaliates and objects to Karas honesty and in turn rewards Sallys tactics then it is apparent that the place they work does not deserve a person as great as Kara working for them and she should look for another position....
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