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What is the relationship between marketing and sales? What is partnership selling?  Without the marketing element of an organization that company would not be in business. Marketing is the communication to the public that tells what the company is doing and what they are looking for from consumers. This is to make a relevant connection between the brand and its target audience. Living in a free-enterprise system means we live in a society that is inundated by advertising. As consumers, we are marketed to in virtually every aspect of our lives. Consequently, marketers have become more innovative in how messages are sent to consumers. Marketing is a fundamental part of any business as this is how a business communicates who they are to the public and garners attention. It is a creative and strategic method of creating a demand and interest for their product or services. If the marketing is savvy enough, the reputation and image of the company will then in turn become a major selling point. This is monumental
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NRinger_SalesvsMarketing_04132010 - ? Without the marketing...

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