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Case Study – Week 1 1. What was Rick Lester's main challenge in accepting a sales career? Rick had always known that being in sales had carried a stigma that it was not a glamorous position to be in. It was a demanding job and the rewards were small in the scheme of things. Rick knew that he would work long hours, be away from home, and have to work for demanding people. 2. How should Mr. Brown handle this situation? What should he say to Rick? Mr. Brown should have been far more supportive of a new salesperson that had just joined the ranks. Especially on a day when it seemed that hope had been lost and that Rick was already alone. A bit of encouragement could have gone a lot further and it would have made a positive impression on Rick and could have motivated him to move further in his workday. 3. What qualities will make Rick successful in a sales career? Rick would need to have a thick skin and be able to handle rejection positively. For
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Unformatted text preview: every 20 “no’s” he would receive he will receive a “yes” and this is what you must know when being in sales. You must be motivated and believe in the product you sell. You must be able to explain the product to the customer completely and make sure that it is something that they can’t live without. To succeed in sales you must have a can do attitude and willingness to move forward and keep trying even when all hope seems to be lost. 4. What can you do to prepare to meet the challenges of a sales career? Get to know your product and the business you are representing. Know yourself and what makes you work and what motivates you to want to better yourself. Think about all the things in your life that you are working towards and what you need to achieve those goals. Self motivation is key in a successful sales career....
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