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76 - Process Simulation interactive Models for Operations...

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Unformatted text preview: Process Simulation Models 77 76 interactive Models for Operations and Supply Chain Management 2. Stop the simulation and set the demand rate to 1 unit every 6 minutes. Leave the pro- cessing times at 4 minutes for all work centers. Leave the process time variability and breakdown severity at zero Start the simulation. Whenever a work center box is gray, it means that it is idle. production among several different control models. That production line consists of five work centers, with visible buffers of inventory between the work centers and after the final work center. a. Are work centers ever idle? Why? Analysis b. Using the pause button, pause the simulation while work centers are idle. Explain the 1. Check the default parameters to make sure your system starts with these values: 1 different possrble causes for a work center to be idle. l 3. Reset all settings back to the default values, except WC3. Set the processing time of ‘ WC3 to 1 minute. B ff ' e 3 ~ . u er $12 a. How does the system function differently than when all parameters were at the default? Processing Times b. What is happening at WC3 and at the inventory buffer immediately after WC3? Work center 1 4 4. Set the parameters as shown below. Work center 2 4 . Buffer Slze 3 Work center 3 4 i _ _ ‘ Processmg Times Work center 4 4 ,_ J Work center 1 4 Work center 5 4 —l Work center 2 8 Demand rate 4 3, ‘ Work center 3 4 Variability Work center 4 8 Work center 1 Zero L —| l Work center 5 4 Work center 2 Zero Demand rate 4 Work center 3 . . . L Variability Work center 4 Work center 1 Zero Work center 5 Work center 2 Zero Breakdown Severity V Work center 3 Zero Work center 1 _| Work center 4 Zero Work center 2 Work center 5 Zero —' Work center 3 Zero ——I Breakdown Severity Work center 4 I_Work center 1 Zero Work center 5 LWork center 2 Zero Simulation rate ._1 Work center 3 Zero 3. Start the simulation. In your own words, describe what is happening. Work center 4 Zero x Work center 5 Zero 3 Simulation rate Normal ...
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