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MAPP guidelines - MA Portfolio Project (MAPP) Instead of...

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MA Portfolio Project (MAPP) Instead of writing a thesis or taking a comprehensive examination, a student may complete the MA degree by electing to engage in a capstone experience involving the construction and defense of a pre-professional portfolio reflecting the student’s objectives and accomplishments throughout their program of study. The Master of Arts Portfolio Project brings together the student’s coursework, ongoing interaction with their major professor, related scholastic and field experiences, and vision of how they will apply their degree after graduation. A committee chaired by the student’s major professor appraises the portfolio providing the student with a critical assessment and decision regarding graduation. Purpose At the Master’s level, the M.A. Portfolio Project (MAPP) is designed to allow students to synthesize their accomplishments during the M.A. program and identify their strengths and needs as they pursue objectives beyond graduate school. In conjunction with the completion of 30- credit hours (per Department of Communication M.A. guidelines) students who successfully complete a MAPP will meet the requirements for the M.A. in Communication. The M.A. Portfolio Project will provide students with an opportunity to: Compile documentation of academic accomplishments during the pursuit of an M.A. Synthesize the primary contributions of M.A. coursework Critically reflect upon accomplishments in written work Reflect upon the accomplishment of their initial goals and objectives for the M.A., and articulate future career goals and objectives that will utilize the skills/knowledge gained Establish a connection with a field expert (e.g., an individual who works in the student’s desired employment sector or a member of a community group with whom the student hopes to work) and gain additional information about activities the student may wish to pursue after graduation Reflect upon one’s understanding of future pursuits and draw connections between the M.A. experience and the nature of this type of work/service Process MAPPs are completed in five steps: (1) identification of a committee and an initial meeting with the MAPP advisor, (2) preparation of a set of documents that will be submitted to the advisor for review and feedback, (3) completion of an information gathering interview and field interview reflection paper, (4) a final meeting with the advisory committee to discuss the MAPP products,
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reflect upon one’s work toward the M.A., and identify future plans, and (5) submission of the completed MAPP to the graduate advisor for approval. Prior to the start of a student’s final semester of enrollment, s/he and the major professor must
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MAPP guidelines - MA Portfolio Project (MAPP) Instead of...

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