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SyllabusSummer2010_1 - MICROBIOLOGY 101 Summer Session A...

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Unformatted text preview: MICROBIOLOGY 101 Summer Session A 2010 BOELTER 2760 Lectures: Mon, Wed, Fri 9-11 AM Discussions: Session A, Mon 11-12:30 PM Session B, Wed 11-12:30 PM Textbook: “Microbial Life” by Staley, Gunsalus, Lory, and Perry (2nd edition) – This is recommended, not required. Instructors: Dr. Beth Lazazzera, Office: MSB 4610B, Email: [email protected] SYLLABUS Week I Date 6/21 6/23 3 6/25 4 5 6 7 II Lecture 1 2 6/28 6/30 7/2 7/5 7/7 8 9 7/9 7/12 7/14 10 11 7/16 7/190 12 13 14 15 7/21 7/23 7/26 7/28 7/30 III IV V VI Subject Introduction / Diversity and Phylogeny of Microbes Cultivation & Identification / Microscopy & General Organization of Microbial Cells Cell Wall & Surface Structures / Transport of Nutrients by Microbial Cells Structure & Function of Microbial Motility Energy Generation: Fermentation, Respiration & Photosynthesis Carbon & Nitrogen Cycles HOLIDAY Replication of Viral Genomes & Regulation of Viral Gene Expression mRNA Structure and Small RNA Control of Gene Expression MIDTERM Transcriptional Regulation: Sigma Factors & Two-Component Regulatory Systems The Bacterial Genome and Horizontal Gene Transfer Antibiotics and Resistance/ Quorum Sensing: How Microbes Talk to Each Other Development in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Microbes Invertebrate-Microbe & Plant-Microbe Symbioses The Human Microbiota: We Are Not Alone Human Bacterial & Eukaryotic Pathogens FINAL EXAM POINT DISTRIBUTION This class is graded on a curve. A letter grade will be assigned to the mean score. The letter grade for the mean score will be decided based on the mean score, specifically, the better the mean score, the better the letter grade. We hope this gives you an incentive to work together to help all students in the class do well. 50 points 2 homeworks (25 points each) 100 points Midterm 1 This exam will cover lectures 1-7. 100 points Final Exam This exam will cover lecture 8-15. ...
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