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Unformatted text preview: Transport of Nutrients 1.  Basics of a transporter 2.  Measuring transport 3.  Classifica:on of transporters based on energy source A. Pre ­exis:ng gradient across the membrane i. Electrochemical gradient ii. Chemical gradient B. Chemical Reac:on i. ATP ii. PEP – addi:onal func:ons of outside transport 4.  Porins of the outermembrane 5.  Iron and Siderophores Basic Func:on of a Transporter Transporters using a pre ­exis:ng gradient ATP ­binding casseLe transporters Phosphotransferase system Regula:on of Bacillus anthracis virulence by PTS PTS Regulates Biofilm Forma:on by Vibrio cholerae Porins Iron and Siderophores ...
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