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1 mRNA Structure and Small RNA Control of Gene Expression Textbook Reading Pages 370-372 “ Regulatory Mechanism Controlling Transcription and Translation The points to be remembered from this text: Know that the ribosome-binding site (RBS) can be made inaccessible through a terminator structure. Know that uncharged tRNAs can interact with the leader regions of some genes to stabilize the formation of an antiterminator that leads to the exposure of the RBS. Know that small molecules (metabolites) can bind to mRNA leader regions and affect the formation of the terminator versus antiterminator. Know that this is called riboswitching. Textbook Reading Pages 372-374 “ Control of Gene Expression by Regulatory Noncoding RNAs The points to be remembered from this text: Know that bacteria produce small RNAs that are not translated (i.e. noncoding or ncRNAs) and control translation and/or stability of mRNA. Know that by preventing translation of an mRNA, long segments of the mRNA can be
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