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Unformatted text preview: Questions for the Microscopy & Organization of the Cell lecture 1. What type of microscope would be sufficient to observe the following: a. pili – b. swimming motility – c. presence of an outer membrane – 2. You have isolated a microbe that you suspect is an Archaea. You have a colleague that has offered to examine the lipids of this microbe. What two features would you tell this colleague to look for as evidence that this microbe is an Archaea? 3. To start, you want to determine whether there are bacteria present in the blood of the pigs with the swine flu. a) Which of the following microscopic techniques would you use to analyze a blood sample for bacteria? (Circle one) 1) electron microscopy 2) dark-field microscopy 3) bright-field microscopy of a blood sample stained with crystal violet. b) Indicate why the two forms of microscopy you did NOT choose in part a) would not work as well the microscopic technique chosen to identify whether bacteria where present in the blood sample. ...
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