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Cell Wall and Surface Structures 1. G. stearothermophilus is a Gram-positive bacterium, that you find is able to specifically adhere to cellulose. You hypothesize that G. stearothermophilus produces a protein to that specifically binds cellulose and that is responsible for mediating binding of G. stearothermophilus cell to cellulose. In which subcellular structure/location would you expect the cellulose adhesion molecule be located? (Choose one) 1. Cytoplasm 4. Periplasm 2. Cytoplasmic membrane 5. Outer membrane 3. Peptidoglycan 2. You examine your G. stearothermophilus strains by transmission electron microscopy. You observe a structure outside of the presumed peptidoglycan layer that you hypothesize is a capsule. What test would you carry out to verify whether your
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