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Unformatted text preview: Homework Number 1 Goals: 1. Learn how to use PubMed and how to go to the primary scientific literature for information. 2. Discover how the material taught in class is not static but constantly revised by on ­ going research. Website for PubMed: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ Instructions: 1. Choose a lecture topic. 2. Email Dr. Lazazzera ([email protected]) with your choice. A maximum of 5 students will be allowed to choose the same lecture. If your choice is taken, you will be asked to choose another. 3. Perform a search in PubMed on your topic. Remember you may need to refine your search several times. 4. Identify a key recent paper that has important implications for the field covered by your lecture topic. Ideally, you want to find a paper whose findings should be something that you believe should be something taught in class. 5. After you've read it through, answer each of the following questions: a. Document how your PubMed search was conducted and how many hits you got. (2 pts) b. Which subpart of the lecture material does the your chosen paper specifically relate to? (1 pts) c. Provide the citation for the paper you choose. Please write in the form of: Authors, year, journal, volume, pages (1 pt) d. Summarize the key points of the paper. (10 pts) e. What about the paper did you find most interesting? Justify your answer. (6 pts) f. Do you think the findings of the papers should be taught in this class and why? (5 pts) 6. The total length of your paper must between 600 ­800 words. Answer each question separately. The total of all your answers should total 600 ­800. This homework must be turned into Dr. Lazazzera or Nicole Yu by the start of class Monday July 26. This homework can be turned in at any time prior to this date and you will receive a grade sooner. Scores will be given for effort and completeness of searches. ...
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