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quiz2aSu08K - Thermodynamics Electrochemistry Kinetics and...

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Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Kinetics and Organic Structures Chem 14B UCLA Summer 2008 Quiz # 2A Student ___________KEY_______ Before handing in your quiz, read and sign the following: On my honor, I have neither given nor received any aid in this quiz. Signature ____________________________________ Discussion session circle one 142043130 DIS1A Rachael Harper 142043230 DIS1B Rachael Harper 142043330 DIS1C Selma Duhovic 142043430 DIS1D Selma Duhovic Page 2 3 4 max Obt 20 15 15 TOTAL /50 Each question is worth 5 points except question number 5 which is worth 10 points. Write in ink and show work if you want the opportunity to have your quiz regarded. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE ADVISED TO DO SO
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2 1. Assuming that the heat capacity of an ideal gas is independent of temperature, calculate the entropy change associated with lowering the temperature of 2.92 mol of ideal gas atoms from 107.35 0 C to -52.39 0 C at constant pressure. Cp for an ideal gas = 5/2 R Δ S = nCp ln P 2 /T 1 Δ S = (2.92 mol) (5/2 x 8.314 J/molK) ln 220.76 K /380.52 K = -33.0 J/K 2. A calculate the entropy of one mole of a solid sample in molecules can take any of three orientations with the same energy.
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